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2022 Ransomware Trends: Rapid and Reliable Recovery

Element Four partners with businesses to provide the best protection against ransomware and other cyber threats. We also set up common sense backup and recovery solutions to ensure your data is protected – even if the worst should happen. We use an array of products all working in concert to provide customized solutions. Our trusted partner Veeam plays a key role in these solutions. Here’s an excerpt from their latest report:

Businesses Can't Prevent A Cyberware Attack

The growth and evolution of ransomware is one of the most destructive trends of the last decade. This explosion has moved ransomware from an economic crime to one with immense global security implications. NATO, the US federal government and military, and the G7 have all recently acknowledged the severity of the ransomware threat and the need for large-scale coordinated response from government and industry.

Coordinated government and industry response takes time. In the meantime, organizations of all sizes need to protect themselves and their customers and constituents today. Fortunately, concrete steps using readily available tools and security frameworks can assist.

The sophistication and adaptability of ransomware and other cyber threats today require an agile, layered defense. Yet many organizations still maintain standalone security products that are focused on a single attack vector, which can easily be bypassed.

Organizations can’t prevent a cyber-attack, but they need to take the necessary steps to be prepared to effectively protect their data when an attack occurs. 

Immutable backups from Element Four are a key piece of your ransomware defense. To learn more about how this technology works and why it’s important, visit this page.  

Download Whitepaper: 7 Capabilities You Need for Rapid and Reliable Recovery
With ransomware attacks becoming more commonplace, businesses of every size need to have a strategy. Download Veeam's latest whitepaper and get expert assistance from Element Four.
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Learn More About The 2022 Ransomware Trends Report

The industry-wide Ransomware Trends Report 2022 surveyed 1,000 organizations that were hit by ransomware in 2021. After revealing the bad news that came out from report last week, Dave Russell is back to talk about remediation with Chris Hoff, Global Product Marketing Manager at Veeam. Hear their discussion in the video below, and reach out to Element Four if you need assistance formulating, strengthening, or managing your ransomware defenses.

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