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Expect the Unexpected

By leveraging the functionality of Veeam we provide powerful solutions to protect your data and allow you to recover from a disruption or disaster in a matter of minutes.

Backup as a Service

Month to month contract, simple pricing. No hidden fees.

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Backup as a Service – reduce your risk!


Element Four’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution is powered by Veeam and is designed to offer a fully managed data protection service.  It is a unique offering which encompasses the management and monitoring of the onsite copy jobs, along with the ability to manage and monitor two geographically disbursed offsite backup copies.

When this strategy is coupled with Immutability and SureBackup, the risk of data loss is dramatically reduced, even in light of a ransomware attack.

Diving deeper into the importance and benefits….

    • Business continuity: If data is lost or deleted for any reason, backups are readily available and easily located. Thanks to multiple levels of redundancy, your BaaS keeps multiple copies of your data in separate locations. The more levels of redundancy the better because each level further protects your data against loss or potential corruption. With encryption, archiving and rapid recovery built-in, BaaS should accompany all business continuity plans.
    • Compliance regulations: Not all BaaS providers are created equal. It’s important to choose a BaaS provider which tailors their specific risk profile to your compliance program, helping you meet the requirements of ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny. While most BaaS providers are conscientious about ensuring they comply with regulations, it never hurts to ask for your BaaS provider’s compliance certifications.  Element Four is SOC2 Type II certified and operates out of Switch Tier V data centers.  We understand compliance, because we are compliant.  Our approach and service can make passing compliance audits a lot more straightforward.

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