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Cisco Umbrella Video

Cisco Umbrella Video Transcript

There are threats raining down on your business every day. And Cisco Umbrella Security Internet Gateway is your canopy in the digital storm. With Cisco Umbrella, every web based transaction is inspected, blocking internet borne threats before they can reach your users. Safety in every click. Cisco Umbrella offers both real time threat intelligence as well as the capabilities to mitigate attacks across an organization in a split second.

When you combine Cisco Umbrella and Secure Endpoint, you can extend the protection even further. The combination of solutions provides automated, always-on security that works everywhere your users go. Navigate with confidence in a protected digital environment and ensure a safe online experience for your users with Element 4 and Cisco Umbrella.

Watch the Cisco Umbrella video to learn how to navigate with confidence in a protected digital landscape.

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