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Increasing Visibility into IT & IoT with a Cloud Dashboard

Businesses with multiple locations, such as automotive dealerships or distribution warehouses with physical distance between inventory and services often have more complex IT needs. It can be difficult to manage and monitor all of these locations at the same time, especially if these resources are not interconnected. Fortunately, using the right tools can make it possible to connect and monitor your company’s network and IoT assets located in different physical environments under a single dashboard.

Cost of Disconnected Systems

In many cases, each of these various IT elements have their own portal or dashboard, that managers, directors, and other staff members must use separately to check on the information they need. Doing this manually wastes a lot of time, and it’s possible that some information could be missed.

A Unified Dashboard

According to Forbes, unified dashboards are indispensable for understanding complex systems. Using a platform such as Cisco Meraki, it is possible to see all IT, IoT, and physical environments in a single dashboard so that nothing is missed. All devices on the network are interconnected and monitored, firewalls, switches, access points, camera’s, sensors etc. This leads to easy management, faster troubleshooting and informed decision-making with regards to scaling the network.

A tool like Cisco Meraki can also simplify complicated IT operations and reduce associated costs. This is due to the fact that all systems can be monitored in one place. Managers do not need to try to monitor several separate platforms at once. This saves time, as well as money.

Plus, Cisco Meraki makes it possible to ensure that all systems are functional. If potential issues are identified quickly, then it is possible to reduce downtime through a quick resolution. Otherwise, downtime could be costly to your business and its productivity.

Contact Element Four to Learn More About Cisco Meraki

Are you looking for ways to increase visibility and security for your IT, IoT, and physical assets? Element Four is happy to help. Contact us to learn more about Cisco Meraki and to schedule a consultation. We help auto dealerships, auto repair shops, and other key auto-related businesses with their IT needs.

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