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Have confidence in knowing your data is protected.

Data isn’t simply your information in the abstract, it’s critical to your business.

Data Support When You Need It

We are dedicated to giving you the level of service equal to the level of importance your data has. When you work with Element Four, you work with real people. We help you translate the needs of your business into a practical IT solution that makes sense for your goals and your budget. We are available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week x 52 weeks a year.

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Element Four provides comprehensive data backup and recovery for all your business needs.

Backup as a Service

Element Four Backup as a Service is the most convenient, affordable, secure way to ensure your critical business data is available and recoverable. Your digital files, folders, hard drives and servers are regularly (and remotely) backed up to a secure data repository by way of an encrypted network connection.

Secure Offsite Backup

No matter where you’re located, Element Four offers offsite backup to small and mid-sized businesses. Offsite cloud storage, also known as online backup or cloud backup, is a secure way to ensure your critical business data is available and recoverable.

Immutable Backups

We make sure you’re never starting from
scratch with your data. Prevent deletion and modification with support from Element Four. Our solutions mean that your data is always recoverable and secure.

Microsoft O365 Backups​

Office 365 data does not reside in the cloud and it requires additional effort to protect it. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 from Element Four eliminates the risk of losing access to your Office 365 data and ensures availability to your users.


Keep your data safe from malicious software or malware. Element Four can prevent attacks and recover information if you have been compromised.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Your key applications likely run in the cloud and not all vendors guarantee that lost data can be completely — or quickly — restored. When disaster strikes, data breach, technical glitch or inadvertent user error, Element Four is available 24/7 to answer your call.

Protect Your Data in a Tier 5 Data Center

Element Four utilizes the Switch Data Center, an industry-leading Tier 5 Platinum Exascale Data Center facility that offers the strongest, most secure data backup around. Located right around the corner from Element Four in Grand Rapids, your data will be secured by multiple carrier services and higher levels of physical security, water protection and power sustainability.

Near Grand Rapids? Call us to schedule a tour of the Switch Pyramid.

A few months after implementation, Kearney School District’s servers were hit by a ransomware infection

“Element Four’s technicians were able to restore KSD’s systems back to working order in a matter of hours. Their calm demeanor helped alleviate our panic in the midst of the attack,”

Ryan Blankenship, Kearney School District Technology Director


As premier partners of VMWare, Fortinet, Microsoft, Veeam, Cisco and the global Switch Data Center family, Element Four only provides the best solutions to maximize your IT infrastructure.

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