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Element 4 Engineer Manager Josh Archer Awarded Veeam Vanguard Status

Josh Archer, Manager of Engineering at Element Four, was accepted into Veeam Software’s 2019 Vanguard Program. The Vanguard program is led by the Veeam Product Strategy team and supported by the entire company. As a member of Veeam Vanguard, Archer will have direct access to the Veeam Product Team which will benefit Veeam, Element Four, and joint customers and partners.

Veeam Vanguard Program Features Global, High-Level Tech Experts

The exclusive group is comprised of software engineers, systems architects, and technology experts from around the globe. Members are tasked with representing Veeam Software’s brand at the highest level across many different technology communities. Individuals are chosen for their acumen, engagement and style in their activities on and offline. 

Tim Hudson, Senior Solutions Engineer at Veeam Software, believes Archer is a natural fit for the Vanguard program. 
“It’s no surprise to me that Josh was accepted into the Veeam Vanguard.  He represents everything that’s core to the program at Veeam.  Not only is he very strong with Veeam technologies, which are broader in scope than ever, but he accomplishes his professional duties with integrity,” said Hudson.

Veeam Certified Architect

Archer has spearheaded countless Veeam projects for Element Four’s global client base–including Veeam design and deployment for a client with over 10,000 employees. In 2018, Archer became a Veeam Certified Architect, the highest level of Veeam technical certification available. 

Archer is honored to be selected to join the prestigious group of technology influencers. 
 “I am very excited to be selected to join the 2019 Veeam Vanguard program. Utilizing Veeam technologies on a day to day basis has been an absolute delight and I look forward to working closer than ever with Veeam through the Veeam Vanguard program.” Archer said. 

Are you interested in exploring Veeam’s Backup software services and working with a Vanguard member? Contact Us to connect with Josh.

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