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Immutable Backups Overview

An Important Part of Your Ransomware Protection Strategy

With ransomware attacks on the rise, every business with IT infrastructure needs to be prepared for the worst. Attackers have the capability to target and delete your local and offsite backups before they strike your main infrastructure, so to stay one step ahead, you need to do some planning.

Element Four can help with Veeam’s Immutable Backups, deployed along with their Cloud Connect Secure Backup systems. Immutable Backups cannot be modified after they’re stored, which means that attackers can’t neutralize them before a ransomware attack. That way, the second you know you’ve been attacked, you can get up and running quickly.

To learn more about how Immutable Backups work and how they can benefit your business, fill out the form below to download the system overview. An expert from Element Four will be in touch shortly to ensure all of your questions are answered and to create a personalized deployment for your business.
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