Phishing Attacks are the #1 Threat to Small Business

phishing attack

Clicking bad links. Surfing malicious websites. A click on an email seems innocent enough, but that’s why hackers are finding their way in so easily. So how can you prevent your employees from opening the door to these hackers and inviting them in? The truth is, you cannot. But with staff education and the right IT support in place, you can dramatically reduce the risk of compromise.

What does Element Four recommend to secure against phishing attacks?

At Element Four, we’re a big proponent of Cisco Umbrella as the first line of defense against phishing attacks. Cisco Umbrella is a product that protects your users at the DNS layer no matter where they are or what device they are on. Requests from your network (i.e. a click on a link) will forward to the Umbrella DNS resolver first, preventing threats that may exist over any port or protocol. Even if the link was a threat, the users are protected from any attack.

Watch this video for an overview on how Cisco Umbrella works for you.

How to Consider Security Awareness Training

When you partner with Element Four, we are here to serve our clients with trust, respect, and transparency. That’s why we won’t just set you up with new software and then leave you to run it because that’s only half the battle. To ensure you’re getting the most secure use of your networks, you’ll want to train your staff on security awareness. There are two approaches to these trainings:

  • Internal Security Awareness Training. Provided by you independently, there are a number of resources that we’ve come to find as favorites:
  • Outside Security Awareness Training Element Four can support you in training through our partnership with KnowBe4, a global leader in Security Awareness Training.

Just one wrong click and a hacker has access to everything you’ve spent your career building. Don’t fall victim to these threats. Find out more about phishing protection and give us a call today.

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Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication?

Why Do I Need Multi-Factor Authentication? - Element Four

Prevent unauthorized access. Get multi-factor authentication to mitigate theft.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: do my employees reuse their passwords for business and personal use? Have these passwords been changed recently? Are they compromised?

With the rise in digital security breach hitting the news media on a daily basis, it’s never been more important to consider what steps you have in place to keep your data safe. Whether small business or large, multi-factor authentication is one key way to add a layer of security to thwart an attack. Why might your business need it?

  • Identity theft is skyrocketing because it’s easy. Because identity theft is easy – too easy – and a growing threat to businesses of every size. MFA makes identity theft much harder. Protect your organization against stolen passwords.
  • Password123.” Your passwords aren’t strong enough. When was the last time you changed them? Does your staff use the same passwords for personal and professional use? MFA greatly increases the protection against weak passwords by verifying each user accessing your network.
  • Small business attacks are increasing. MFA is a quick and effective implementation to mitigate security risks. Small businesses are are being targeted at an increasing rate by attackers. Be proactive before you have to be reactive.
  • Productivity is important. MFA can increase worker productivity with single sign-on capabilities – keeping them in the flow versus always logging into the next system access point.
  • Who’s on my network? Securely manage all devices that are accessing your network – like knowing who is “in your office” but for your network.

How does Element Four Set You Up For Success?

For us, client service is everything. So from the time you drop us a line, we’ll have a sales engineer in touch with you – and fast. After completing an analysis of your systems with you by phone and determining the need for multi-factor authentication, we recommend utilizing Cisco Duo. Cisco Duo is a robust platform for MFA that is simple to use and easy to deploy. Why do we consider it the best?

  • Verifies the identity of all users with an easy, one-tap-approval two factor authentication
  • Gains visibility into all devices managed and unmanaged to ensure they meet your security standards, before granting them access
  • Enforces access security policies based on user, device, and application risk
  • Secures Single Sign On (SSO) Streamline for user login workflow with a single dashboard to access all applications
  • Secures access to all on-premises and cloud applications with native integrations
  • Secures remote access. Remote work force? No problem.  Provide remote access for multi-cloud environments and remote workers.
  • Integrates with Cisco Umbrella and other Cisco Zero Trust security products

Want to know more? Read more about Cisco Duo adaptive multi-factor authentication, here.

Get started with Element Four today. One phone call today, data secured this week. Ask us about your FREE Cisco Duo trial to get started.