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Three Steps To Secure Against Ransomware and Cyberattacks

secure against ransomware

Another cyberattack. Ransomware in the news. Those are “other people” problems, right? Unfortunately, no. Your business has never been at a greater risk for attack. Hackers are gaining access to large and small businesses alike. “But what would they want with my data?” You don’t want to risk finding out, on the other side of an attack.

At Element Four, we’ve worked alongside clients of all sizes are they combat these security intrusions. Sometimes they get their data back. But what if we could take the steps to prevent an attack in the first place? These are our tried and true three steps to secure your networks and protect against hackers.

Step 1: Identify the vulnerabilities in your network

To protect yourself against hackers, you have to understand your current network environment and its vulnerabilities. The best and most cost-effective way to do this is with a vulnerability scan. This establishes a baseline of the vulnerabilities on your network and provides you with valuable information to assess the risks and prioritize next steps to secure your network.

Vulnerability scanning is recommended from CISA

How do you get started? Element Four provides vulnerability scans as a service to you. And what’s more: we make it easy. These scans can run remotely and generate a report. With that report and our engineers, you will have a path for what’s next. Schedule your FREE consultation today!

Step 2: Prioritize the vulnerabilities identified

Once you have a report in hand, note that not all vulnerabilities identified are critical. It’s a thorough report, so the first step is to prioritize. We understand that you are busy running your business, and furthermore, you don’t want to do this wrong. Element Four knows how to set your plan for success, and make it easy. With our client-centered approach, we don’t leave you waiting for a call back. We’ll get a scan and we make your plan.

Step 3: Remediate as quickly and efficiently as possible

Whether you have time to remediate the vulnerabilities or not, Element Four can provide guidance and consultation to get your network secured quickly. With our experience in engaging in the remediation work, you can trust that your networks are running securely in an industry-leading turnaround time.

How serious is this for your small business?

Are you performing regular vulnerability scans to identify risks in your network?
Do you have the expertise to assess these risks?
Do you have the time to remediate these vulnerabilities?

Only half of organizations can effectively defend against an attack.” With regular ransomware attacks hitting the news, don’t trust that your business is safe. Start with a simple phone call with an engineer at Element Four. With one scan you can be on the road to securing your business this week.

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