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Tier 4 vs. Tier 5 Data Centers: What is the difference?

Switch’s data center and telecommunication technology services have been praised as Tier Elite® – above and beyond any current tier metric, including those offered by the Uptime Institute. Switch has raised the bar beyond current industry standards with its own Tier 5 Platinum data center standard. Switch data center designs, facilities and operations far surpass the highest data center benchmarks.

Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum Facility Beats the “Gold Standard” Benchmark

Element Four is proud to collocate in Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Switch is the only data center that we recommend to clients who are looking for a secure data center in which to collocate their valuable equipment. We often are asked “Why do we need to collocate in a Tier 5 Platinum Facility? Aren’t there are only minor differences between the two ratings?”

For those who are not familiar with data center technologies, it can be hard to see the full value that collocating in a Tier 5 Platinum facility brings. Our clients are often surprised when we tell them that there are 35 different benchmarks that separate a Tier 5 Platinum data center from a Tier 4 Gold.

Enhanced Internet Connectivity, Sustainability & Hyperscalability

The Uptime Institute’s current standards do not evaluate today’s increasingly dynamic data center ecosystem needs. While beneficial in some respects, the Uptime Institute Tier 4 standard overlooks critical components necessary for any data center. The Uptime Institute Tier 4 standard does not contemplate internet connectivity or carrier services, physical security and regional risks, or the sustainability and energy efficiency of a facility. Moreover, the standard is trapped in an outdated vision of what is necessary to support the Internet of Everything.

A detailed comparison between the Uptime Institute Tier 4 standard and Switch’s Tier 5 standard is available to view here

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