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Tier 4 vs. Tier 5 Data Centers: What is the difference?

Tier 5 Data Centers

Switch’s data center and telecommunication technology services have been praised as Tier Elite® – above and beyond any current tier metric, including those offered by the Uptime Institute. Switch has raised the bar beyond current industry standards with its own Tier 5 data center Platinum standard. Switch data center designs, facilities, and operations far surpass the highest data center benchmarks.

Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum Facility Beats the “Gold Standard” Benchmark

Element Four is proud to collocate in Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Switch is the only data center that we recommend to clients who are looking for a secure data center in which to collocate their valuable equipment. We are often asked, “Why do we need to collocate in a Tier 5 data center? Aren’t there only minor differences between Tier 5 and Tier 4?”

For those who are not familiar with data center technologies, it can be hard to see the full value that collocating in a Tier 5 data center facility brings. Our clients are often surprised when we tell them that there are 35 different benchmarks that separate a Tier 5 Platinum data center from a Tier 4 Gold.

Enhanced Internet Connectivity, Sustainability & Hyperscalability

The Uptime Institute’s current standards do not evaluate today’s increasingly dynamic data center ecosystem needs. While beneficial in some respects, the Uptime Institute Tier 4 standard overlooks critical components necessary for any data center. The Uptime Institute Tier 4 standard does not contemplate internet connectivity or carrier services, physical security and regional risks, or the sustainability and energy efficiency of a facility. Moreover, the standard is trapped in an outdated vision of what is necessary to support the Internet of Everything.

A detailed comparison between the Uptime Institute Tier 4 standard and Switch’s Tier 5 Data Center standard is available to view here.

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