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Veeam Availability Suite Update 4: New enhancements show that Veeam is the clear industry leader in cloud security and compliance

During Veeam Velocity 2019, Veeam Software released the highly anticipated update 4 of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5. The update includes enhanced capabilities aimed at helping companies prevent ransomware and maintain GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance . The new enhancements show that Veeam is the clear industry leader in cloud security and compliance.

Update 4 includes increased protection from ransomware—a threat that is top of mind for many business leaders.

Secure Restore Feature Prevents Ransomware

The new “Secure Restore” feature included in update 4 enables an optional antivirus scan to ensure backups are uninfected before restoring—thus preventing ransomware from being restored accidentally. Customers can choose to not recover the virtual machines impacted by ransomware or they can choose to restore them without network connectivity, so they can be scrubbed.

Element Four’s Manager of Engineering Services, Josh Archer (VMCA) is very excited about the feature set that is being released in update 4.

“Being able to scan for and remove viruses in an isolated environment before shifting the restored machine back into production is an extremely powerful new feature of Veeam Availability Suite, and this new functionality ensures that system administrators are able to more capably respond to ransomware threats which are on the rise,” said Archer.

Veeam DataLabs Improves Data Governance Options for GDPR

Update 4 will also introduce Veeam DataLabs which will provide customers with increased security and data governance options. For customers storing data related to European Union citizens, Veeam DataLabs can add a script specifically for GDPR that ensures that when data is recovered, data for citizens who exercised their right to be forgotten is not accidentally recovered.

“The new Veeam DataLabs functionality introduced in Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 allows businesses to ensure they maintain GDPR compliance and work with their backup data in isolation before re-introducing the data back into production,” said Archer.

Update 4 of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 became available for download on January 22nd, 2019.

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