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Veeam 9.5 update 3: Ransomware Protection

There were many new features released when the Veeam Availability Suite update 3 became available on December 19th, 2017, including a huge leap forward for ransomware protection.  Now Veeam service providers, like Element Four, can enable protection of backups against accidental or malicious deletion directly from the Veeam Backup & Replication console.

Element Four’s Senior Systems Engineer and Veeam Certified Architect, Josh Archer, believes that this new update is at the cutting edge of data security.

“Insider protection for Veeam Cloud Connect is a simple but powerful feature that allows Element Four, as a service provider, to ensure that tenant’s data remain safe through an insider attack. By leveraging this feature, we are able to assist our tenants with recovering from the offsite copy even after an insider ‘deleted’ the copy through their backup and replication console interface.

These deletions are often executed either by hackers who have breached the tenants’ network perimeter and obtained powerful credentials with a brute force attack, or by an unhappy employee.”

According to Archer, these types of attacks are something that companies need to be prepared for.
“Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common. Without a carefully planned backup strategy, the aftermath of a ransomware attack can be absolutely devastating.

Archer believes that Veeam Backup & Replication console adds a necessary layer of protection in an age where data security is of the utmost importance.  

“It is extremely important for all companies to develop a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in order to mitigate the potential damage of a ransomware attack.” Archer said. 

According to Archer, Veeam Cloud Connect is the most advanced and reliable backup solution on the market today. It is the only software that the Element Four engineers trust to keep client’s data secure. 

“I’ve used quite a few backup products in the past, and Veeam is the most effective product at consistently delivering fast and effective backups.  Further, Veeam’s restore capabilities and options are beyond compare to legacy products – restore is as much a focus as backup in the Veeam availability suite. This is why we confidently rely on Veeam for all of our backup, replication, and recovery needs.”

Josh Archer is a senior systems engineer and Veeam Certified Architect at Element Four who works with clients to design, implement, maintain, and support a wide range of IT systems. Josh has a robust skillset with additional expertise in the following areas:


      • Network design/architecture

      • Veeam 

      • VMware

      • Cisco switching

      • Fortigate Firewalls

      • Microsoft Windows Server Administration

      • Active Directory Administration

      • Group Policy Administration

      • Linux Server Administration

      • Network Documentation 

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