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Vulnerability Scanning: The first step in protecting your network.

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Identify the Vulnerabilities in your network, Prioritize, and Remediate

Vulnerability Scanning is a proactive approach to identifying weaknesses in your systems and network that leave your organization exposed to malicious attacks. These risks include misconfigured firewalls, exploitable DNS configurations, out of date and unpatched software, and unencrypted login credentials. It is important to identify these issues and remediate them quickly.

Start Today with Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

Element Four provides robust vulnerability management including a scanning service that can be quickly implemented and is easy on the budget. Through this service, we create an inventory of all IT assets connected to your network. For each IT asset, our vulnerability scanning service will identify operational details of each of these assets including the OS, software installed, open ports and user counts.

The information gathered through the process can be invaluable in helping to protect your network. It will provide information on weaknesses within the network environment, insights into the severity of the risk of each vulnerability, and lastly how best to mitigate the vulnerability.

Vulnerability Scanning is recommended from CISA

1. IDENTIFY The Vulnerabilities In Your Network

  • To protect yourself against attackers, you have to understand your current network environment and its vulnerabilities.  
  • The best and most cost-effective way to do this is with a vulnerability scan.  This will help establish a baseline of the vulnerabilities that exist in your network.  With this valuable information, you will be able to assess the risks and prioritize the work needed to secure your network.
  • Vulnerability scans are provided as a service by Element Four.  
  • Element Four can run the scan remotely and provide a detailed report of the vulnerabilities within your network.

2. PRIORITIZE The Vulnerabilities Identified

  • Not all vulnerabilities identified are critical.
  • Once the vulnerabilities in your network have been identified, then you have to Prioritize.
  • We understand that you have a business to run and that you do not have the time nor expertise to address these network vulnerabilities.
  • Element Four will help you prioritize the vulnerabilities based on risk level.

3. REMEDIATE As Quickly and Efficiently As Possible

  • If you have time to remediate the vulnerabilities, Element Four can provide guidance and consultation on the remediation.
  • If you DO NOT have time or the expertise to perform the remediation, Element Four can directly engage in the remediation work to help secure your network quickly.  

How Serious Is This For Small Businesses?

Element Four Can Help Identify and Remediate Security Concerns

  • Are you performing regular vulnerability scans to identify security risks in your network?
  • Do you have the expertise to assess these risks?
  • Do you have the time to remediate these vulnerabilities?

If you answered “no” or paused on any of the above questions, please contact us today for a consultation.


Consulting Services

Let Element Four help you plan the right solutions for your IT demands using the best technologies available. Our team has training and expertise with a number of providers, including VMWare, Veeam, Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, and more. We’ll make expert recommendations based on your needs and goals.

Managed Services

Outsourcing IT responsibilities and functions is a strategic method for improving efficiency. Element Four can help with our variety of Managed IT Services. Choose from our Platinum or Gold plans, each including features like server management, reporting, and monitoring, or get in touch with us to tell us your needs.

IT Backup Support

By leveraging the functionality of Veeam, Element Four provides powerful solutions to protect your data, and allow you to recover from a disruption or disaster in a matter of minutes.

Expect the unexpected with Element Four’s easy month-to-month contracts, simple pricing, and no hidden fees.


Cloud Infrastructure and Colocation Services

The Element Four cloud infrastructure is a 10G network built on the VMware hypervisor and powered by Cisco UCS. Our cloud is located in the Switch data center ecosystem, which is built for reliability and 100% uptime.

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