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XDR Video Transcription

Wouldn’t it be great to have visibility into your organization’s IT infrastructure? XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, expands endpoint detection and response into one simple to use dashboard. By comparison, EDR only examines endpoints. XDR includes detection and monitoring for endpoints, cloud infrastructure, networks, servers, and mobile devices.

Instead of having many separate dashboards and tools to monitor, XDR  has the potential to simplify enterprise security network management. with a single dashboard for enhanced visibility and enforcement of established security policies. This consistency and simplicity can often make it easier to stick with best practices for cybersecurity and to reduce the rate of incidents. 

Simplify your network management in a cost effective and efficient way. Contact us today

If you found this short XDR video of interest, click here to find out more about XDR, MDR, EDR and endpoint protection.

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